Lead your Agile Transformation …without BEING A PRACTITIONER OR hiring expensive consultants

No matter where you are in your Agile journey, this course will help you:​

  • Save $30,000 to $60,000 on consulting fees!
  • Bring all key stakeholders onboard, even the difficult ones!
  • Start your transition smoothly and shift into the right gear fo acceleration.

If you want to lead your organisation to success with Agile, this could be the most important course you will ever take.

First of all, this isn’t like a traditional training course on Agile where you’re sitting in a training room for two or three days, or even online for the same time.


There’s no fluff or filler – just a battle-tested roadmap that’s working right now.  Most of my clients are super limited with their time, so I’ve done my best to compact the course so it can be absorbed in about 2 hours and the implementation time is less than 2 weeks.


It’s not industry or company specific as it is a roadmap for change for delivery of any digital product.

It has worked for leaders like yourself.

I’ve seen this roadmap help my clients, mostly Chief Product or Technology Officers to  go from clueless about where to start with Agile, to taking the lead with all their teams and key stakeholders in tow.


This roadmap  was perfect for a CTO in the financial services space that was experiencing an excruciatingly slow Agile transformation and didn’t have the budget to hire expensive consultants.


It helped a client that had experience working in an Agile environment, however, when he joined they needed guidance on how to transition, his new teams had never heard of Agile and  it was totally foreign concept to them.


The framework also helped a product owner that was all in on Agile but had no idea how to start the conversation internally to garner the support needed from senior management to get it off the ground.


It also re-energised a client of mine and his team that was desperate to implement Agile (so as not to be left behind) but was left jaded after a previous failed transformation.


So like I said, this course is different to many  others you might have come across.


You’ll also receive all these valuable tools:

Agile Maturity Assessment Tool

An objective, diagnostic tool that the Big 4 consulting firms use to baseline your Agile maturity. Use it as a guide to avoid the known mistakes most executives make in the early stages of change

Comprehensive Member Portal

All the course information is gathered in the one place so it is very accessible and saves time time trawling through emails or folders.

An exclusive Facebook Group
The course not only enables you to work directly with Agile expert Shirin Danesh but it also connects you to a community of likeminded peers. It’s great a place to ask questions and solidify what you are learning so you are more effective at embedding it with your teams.

Annual Sprint Calendar

As soon as you start working in Agile sprints you will need to find a way to synchronise your effort across teams. This calendar is the ideal tool to do exactly that and keep everyone on the same page.

Agile Powerpoint Presentation Template.
Agile is more about getting in and doing than creating Powerpoint presentations but you will need to propose your changes internally and this template has proven time and time again that it is perfect for that, right up to board level. It’s concise, precise and very much aligned with the actual activities the teams will be undertaking in the transformation.

The biggest benefit is the cost savings.

One of the topics of an Agile transformation that is not often talked about and measured is the cost of change. If you take the traditional route and bring in specialist consultants you’re on the clock from that point onwards and it can get expensive fast.

You’ll want to budget at least $30K for this but anywhere up to $60K is common depending which level consulting firm you are engaging. Boutique firms or big fours.

The course I have for you is a fraction of a fraction of that cost.

So if you’re struggling for budget, good news, you won’t need it.

But if you have budget then think about this. I’m freeing up that budget for you to repurpose.

So yes, you’ll get a proven framework for a successful Agile transformation but you’ll also have $30K or more you can put toward implementation.

You’ll be set up for success strategically and financially!

If you’re in the process of selling Agile to stakeholder groups in your organisation then an added $30K makes it a whole lot more palatable.

WHO HAVE I worked with and for?

Some of the companies that I worked in or advised include: Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Westpac Group, Project Management Partners, Quantium Group, Scentre Group (Westfield), ustwo, Pragmateam, Viostream, Special Broadcasting  Service (SBS), Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Adaptovate, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Telstra

To start DOWNLOAD the Agile Maturity Assessment now and complete with step by step instructions. The assessment is easy to complete and has been designed to take no more than an hour.

Just imagine, in an hour or so you can have a complete understanding of the dynamics of your company, understand where change is needed to boost productivity and a clear direction on the next steps of embedding Agile delivery framework.

Let’s take the first step NOW!


Shirin Danesh