SPRINT PLANNING OCEAN’S 11 STYLE SHORT AND SHARP! for leaders that lead multiple product teams

March 11, 2020 @Noon London time 









Live Q&A + an action packed value sealed PDF workbook



        Live Q&A + an action packed value sealed PDF workbook

What You’ll Learn At This Workshop

A method to replicate the success of one team

and apply it to another without creating friction–or without even indirectly mentioning someone or their team that isn’t performing.

A little-known secret to creating momentum

when there are distractions, stagnation, or after New Year’s when you need a boost.

A method that was used in WW II

to gain access to the latest information when you aren’t able to see what’s happening with each team. It allows you to understand their focus, and what’s of utmost importance.

One key question that stops ad-hoc tasks

Teams are dealing with a lot of urgent tasks and they could use a bit of structure.

Exact actions, to know when and what,

 and also to create communication channels between teams when logistics is in the way. It allows you to focus on deliverables, thus improving dependency management.





A tangible, well-defined action-list to create momentum

when general delivery is slow, an efficient way to monitor the number of team members and the amount of work delivered that isn’t adding up. With so much noise coming from the kitchen and only a little getting served, you need something to sift through the chaos and get things organized.

Both in and out of details

Comfortable in balancing managing multiple teams, being across details without being in the details! A skill that we all need to gain as we take larger responsibilities. 

Lead confidently without micro-managing

Totally confident to guide multiple teams without sounding demanding or micro managing. because you have an action list for EXACTLY what to do and WHEN, each sprint. 

Teach and lead your team

It’s one thing to know something, its another thing to teach it to  others. (Remember I’m available to answer any question you have so you feel confident when those thoughts creeping in !) 

Short sharp and effective conversations

Free from the endless talk-fest of non agile ceremonies, and ready to get some real work done. Ocean’11 style.

Creating accountability

Committed to create a simple and structured way of working for your teams.

You’ll need the following

1 notebook + 1 calendar + 2 hours with me = everything you need to make 2020 a success!

though workshop is for guiding executives that lead  multiple teams, its helpful if you are managing one team

Yes, even if you’re a bit far from the product delivery teams and you are not a practitioner 

And oooh yeah, especially if there are some practices in place, you can always improve the overall 

Because this workshop, Sprint planning Ocean’s 11 style doesn’t just set you up for success. It teaches you how to level up multiple teams at the same time and replicate the success of one team in other teams.

A note from Shirin …

The day I finally cracked the code on how to take bigger responsibilities and manage larger teams and stay connected to the teams and actual “doing” world, I felt an instant relief  and excitement. 

I’m a firm believer of flat structure and hate hierarchy, I’ve made my way up. But the feeling of moving up, progressing and being disconnected from the team was stopping me from moving forward. I’d seen so many senior managers that don’t know the name of two levels below them, so to speak. I disliked the “below” concept. and in search for better working methods. one that allows me to have larger responsibilities and still remain connected to the team, I found agile ways of working. 

In all I do I aim to  combine people, innovation, drive and structure to create money making  solutions.

I’ve made it my mission to learn these new practices, that mostly are very simple, but also very structured to help executives break free from old methods of management that belong to industrial era.

I’ve also learnt how to make these know-hows transferable to others.

Here’s the good news for you: I’ve pinpointed the exact ingredients that differentiate wildly successful leaders in our era  … and ones that miss the mark and jam packed them in to small actionable workshops. 

I can’t wait to see you there!