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Who is this programme for?

– If you know WHY you need to transform your delivery model

– if you have started Agile transformation and you got a feeling something is off

– if your competitors have started this and you have heard about it

– if your peers in the company or your mates now have moved towards Agile

– if you are curious to learn the new ways of working

– if you are open to be challenged. There are a couple of concepts in business agility that are counter-intuitive. The recommended method does not seem practical, but they are.

– if you are coachable

– if you have started Agile transformation and you are not getting the results you envisaged

– if you have started and found cost of having consultants and coaches is very high

– if you are overwhelmed with the various aspect of change and you feel it’s going to get out of hand …

I have done the Maturity Assessment and have worked through the next actions, I still have some questions. I think these are special cases. Can we engage you to come to our office and see how we do these stuff and validate our roadmap?

Yes, certainly. My aim is to give you a clear and executable action plan that can be tailored to your company. Most importanlty the aim is to reduce the cost of consultancy. Now that you have done the hard work, gathered the information and done the priminarly assessments, I’m more than happy to come in, review the work that has been done together and work on your roadmap. Please get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to help.

reveal strengths and weaknesses in your current approach - download the FREE assessment. This works best if you have already started an Agile Transformation.

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