Shirin Danesh Momentum Pipeline

A –  “They are going to drop the ball” →  I need to keep an eye on everything (micro manager) 


B – “They are grown ups and senior” →  I leave it to them to do what’s needed (hands-off manager)


If you’re wanting to accelerate your sales team’s productivity without being a painful micro-manger or a hands-off manager, here’s one really simple technique you can use to get started straight away.

Step 0 – Before sprint planning send the sprint goal to the team (the focus for the next two weeks).


Step 1 – in Sprint planning ask your sales reps to come in with what THEY think is the priority – this allows you to see if they are aware of business priorities (do they see what you see?).


Step 2 – Adjust priorities if needed – Setting the focus and priority is YOUR number ONE responsibility (be clear in what is and what is NOT a priority).

Step 3 – Ask for their sprint planner (get into details of what they will be doing to achieve their goals, since sprint review is only twice a month, you wont come across as a micro-manager).

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The only thing stopping you from seeing improvement right now is how quickly you want results.


Don’t think about it – do it.