What really stops your sales team from picking up the phone and contacting potential clients?



A focused, timeboxed plan to ditch the $45k consulting bill, wake up your team and get out of a rut, and triple your sales activities in 3 sprints.

If you are a top sales leader managing a team of 4+, this is your chance to say goodbye to those sluggish days when you can see your team members dragging their feet, doing unnecessary work, and making zero progress.

Feeling frustrated?
I get it.

You are a top salesperson, you are great at closing deals and creative in negotiations. Whenever you are at the table, you are seen as the subject matter expert or authority in that field. You come on board, build a pipeline from scratch and can run with it. All positives. Now you have your own team and it feels really good, except there is a problem.

Your team is not doing what they are supposed to be doing.

How do you actually get the best out of your team without constantly riding them for results?

It is not that they don’t know what they need to do, rather they are just not doing it and it’s becoming frustrating.

In one-on-ones or group conversation, they tell you what they haven’t been doing and reasons as to why it is not possible for them to do what they should be. They list all the problems you already know.

You have worked your way up, you have hustled, fought, done anything and everything to get yourself to this position. It seems your team wants to take it easy.

The problem is simple…

You have been focusing on the wrong approach to get them out of stagnation.

You have been told that, as a leader, you need to inspire them, motivate them, so they get on that call and book a meeting with their top client, or they plan their accounts and do their research before meeting every single client.

But it’s not true, it has nothing to do with your motivational speech. You don’t need to be Obama to have an action-taking sales team.

I’m here to flip everything you have learnt about leadership and running a team of sales people … Get you focused on 4 specific tasks to bump those activity numbers.

The 7-part Blueprint

Discover exactly what’s covered in Momentum Pipeline:

Momentum Pipeline includes 4 modules of comprehensive & detailed training videos designed to increase your sales activities. It includes various methods of learning; Video, Audio Transcripts, Checklists, Play cards.

This isn’t just a program in “how to do it”, it’s a results-focused experience of actually producing movement with your team.


module 1


  • How to define or redefine yourself, to be futuristic, innovative, caring and driven, in this environment.
  • How to MENTALLY & EMOTIONALLY get ready to put this 7 part blueprint in place.
  • How to feel confident --> everything clear in your head.
  • 5 decisions you need to make for this program to be a success.
  • Top 3 actions you need to take constantly for this program to work.
  • 5 DON'T do’s and DON'T say’s (trust me on this one it's a game-changer).

module 2


  • How to decide what to measure.
  • How many metrics to measure & monitor.
  • How to measure efficiently.
  • Qualitative & Quantitative results --> scientific not emotional.
  • How to design simple trackers.
  • How to get meaningful reports from your CRM.
  • How to simplify your reporting (not over-killing it).

module 3


  • How to get ready to put in place the 7-part blueprint.
  • First step: How much input do you need to prepare to start.
  • How to manage unexpected change after you start - because it will happen.
  • How to finish strong.
  • How to capture the learning and what to do with it.
7-Part Blueprint
Part 1 - WARM-UP
  1. How to decide on which core team members are must-haves for kick-off.
  2. Which Stakeholders to invite to kick-off.
  3. How to circulate (and what goes in) the kick-off Agenda.
  4. How to identify the key roles you will need – and how to mitigate or be aware of risks without them.
  5. How to share Inputs to the workshop. 
  6. Virtual & in-person collaboration.
  7. How to set up your collaboration tools


  • Aim is to make sure stakeholders and team are across all inputs, outputs and timeline.


    • Output refreshed?
    • Business Case revisited?
    • Held walkthrough for Leadership Team ? 
    • Team presented?

Aim is to make sure team is clear on the goal, target and only committed to what can be done!


Aim is not to come for status update. That should be in your CRM


  • 15 mins only?
  • All team attending?

Aim is to show and review what has been achieved in sprint.

  • Stakeholders attend?
  • Numbers reviewed?
  • Issues discussed?

Aim is to improve how we work together as a team.

  • What went well?
  • What can we improve?
  • Actions?

This is an opportunity to look back and make any course correction.  

 Major changes required in system 

 Capturing lessons learnt.


module 4


  • Setting up your team for success.
  • The 3 things you need from your teams for success.
  • 2 methods on how to get your team's buy-in.
  • How to build and keep momentum past mid-program.
  • Dealing with objections & team emotions. 
  • When & how to stay out of a vacuum --> keeping stakeholders in the loop.





  • Digital Program
  • Facebook Private group




  • All D.I.Y
  • Executive 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Mastermind Group Coaching 



From $60,000

  • End to End Service
  • Bespoke Framework
  • In person Delivery
  • Executive 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Team Coaching
Agile doesn’t work with our product.

The beauty of frameworks is the fact they can be applied regardless of your product or services. It’s not about what you take to market, it’s about how you work in your teams to take something to your market.

Why is it so cheap?

It’s my mission to make something that is working, following the latest trends in sales management and accessible to everyone.

I’ve tried everything under the sun - why do you think it will work?

As a leader, when we realise something is not working we are responsible for finding a way to get the outcome we want. Until we get the results, we try every possibility there is. This is the simple principle of effectiveness. Our track record, backed by numbers that implementing Agile in your ways of working will move the needle on the metrics to hit your sales targets.

Agile won’t work in sales...

Sales transformation and acceleration is not a new concept. Consulting firms have a specialised team that would join a firm to turn around their sales strategy, uplift their sales capability and enhance their sales operations. And as part of these consulting firms, that has been my job for years – to use Agile to transform sales business units.

What can be done in 3 sprints?

3 sprints is about 1.5 months. To gain a new habit takes 21 cycles of repeat and we need to hear it 7 times. 3 cycles is sufficient to know and make a decision whether the method is able to move the needle on your numbers. 3 sprints won’t change the DNA of your team but it definitely is sufficient for you and your team to see some changes and get the mechanics in place. 

What’s the difference between agile sales transformation and traditional sales transformation?

The 2 keys elements:

  • Customer-centric approach in designing the pipeline, sales processes and your team’s activities.
  • Team collaboration to fast-track opportunities in the pipeline.

Unlike traditional sales transformation where you have solo-flyer (maverick) sales agents. Being a maverick to get a solution across the line isn’t working – it’s not enough. The complexity of solutions have changed.

In the past we were selling a phone – would you like this, yes or no and you sell it.
Now there’s a complex combination of the sales process so the type and nature of solutions have changed. Solution = product. In technology we’re selling solutions to problems or solutions to a need. The solution for requirements is more elaborate… it’s no longer a single product or single item.

We’re not building software - we’re not even selling software...

Absolutely! Look at our examples in recruitment firm and our own business!


Shirin ran this program to help us reduce our sales cycle and improve our approach to proposals leading to improved pipeline flow and increased win rates. Her unique style of collaboration was inclusive while at the same time achieving cut through in all levels of the business. She was great to work with, very knowledgeable on sales process improvement and excellent in delivery of ideas and solutions. I would highly recommend her program to anyone looking to improve their sales result and adopt an Agile methodology

Nick Stone

State Sales Director

“If you are looking for someone to transform your Sales function, drive efficiencies in sales operations and build an agile and customer driven sales team then Shirin is your person….My engagement with Shirin was to gain her insight and guidance around lifting capability of our people and ensuring we approach the capability build in a way which was aligned with initiatives, embedded learning and delivered tangible business outcomes. Shirin was a great support and was able to help me understand Agile principles and methodologies so that I could work with our partners to deliver the right learning outcomes.”

Natalie Macinnis

Sales Human Resources Capability Manager

“I thoroughly enjoy working alongside Shirin, I’m learning all the time and Shirin has made a significant and positive contribution to this. Since bursting onto our scene, It was obvious her program in applying agile and lean practices would add tremendous value to our transformation. An area of focus has been shortening sales cycles whilst Increasing productivity. A fantastic person and effective program for any sales team looking to make a difference by driving change.”

Joe Jones

Director of Customer Solutions


I don’t want unhappy money or an unhappy customer.

Yes, if you go through the program and action what I’ve laid out with no results you are eligible for my money-back guarantee.

If you are one of my first 20 founding members, I don’t even ask that you show that you’ve done the work. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the quality of the content, simply email support [at] shirindanesh.com requesting a full, immediate refund.

No questions asked!

You might think this program isn’t a fit for everyone.. your case, your team, your product and your industry.

That’s why I’m offering the first 20 team members private consulting sessions to ensure you have all you need to apply the program in your teams and business. Get the result, fast-track the opportunities in your pipeline and triple your numbers!