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I’m always grateful for my friends’ and family’s support but when people you have worked with take the time to write a couple of lines or, in some cases, a formal testimonial, it’s heartwarming. Here are a few lines from students and clients that I have worked with, coached and contributed to their wins.

“[This program] supported and trained my teams as they shifted from quasi-agile practices to becoming fully empowered and autonomous agile teams.  … [we] developed our agile product delivery and portfolio management processes, creating the foundation for delivery within SBS digital. [Implementing each step] guided product managers, delivery leads, and team members on agile practices and processes, and interfaced with key stakeholders and directors to build relationships and trust. I cannot speak more highly of Shirin’s talent and capabilities.”

Tim Dougall

General Manager, Enterprise Services, SBS

“Shirin has contributed meaningfully on both sides of the Product and Technology ‘divide’. She has initiated and delivered a significant program of learning and development for our product managers and Agile delivery managers. Although they cover a broad spectrum of capabilities and experience, Shirin has helped each one get up the professional development curve, including with bespoke training and coaching as required. Specifically, she has embedded tools to evaluate the commercial potential of products, at the individual product, portfolio and enterprise levels.
Beyond the technical requirements of the role, she has been an astute advisor to me and our CTO on change management, people and team dynamics, and the management and pace of our transformation efforts.”

Alex Macoun

General Manager, Strategy and Analytics, Commonwealth Bank

“[I] really appreciate the lessons you’ve taught me. You’re a wealth of information around the transformation space so thank you for imparting some of this great knowledge.”

Joel Brydon

Managing Director, ustwo

“Shirin is one of the best developers & project managers I have ever worked with. Not only that, she is also great at managing developers & clients. Her project scoping & budgeting is awesome.”

Md Rafiqul Islam

Technical Leader, Cloud and Business Unit, Ericsson

“Shirin is a genuine Agile enthusiast who strives to build a team that aimed at creating the most suitable product, with the highest regard to business context. Her unique expertise on addressing complex problems and looking at various levels of an organisation makes her a valuable asset. She is able to look at both sides of the equation. Shirin brings people together in cross-functional teams and combines this with coaching senior stakeholders by offering them simple and effective tools. It has been a striking contribution to Quantium product transformation and culture.
With her strong Business acumen, her collaborative leadership style and her sharp sense of humour, I definitively recommend Shirin as a great professional and an amazing individual to anyone who wants to bring their team forward.”

Florian Pasquier

Executive Manager, Quantium

“Shirin works very hard to make the teams she is coaching awesome. She has a good breadth of experience, across many disciplines and industries to allow her to walk into any environment and help them succeed.

Shirin is able to work at all levels of the organisation; so whether it is in the executive office as your Agile Executive coach, working with a Transformation team to meet your Business Agility objectives, or building your business units Product Portfolios, she delivers. Shirin is a heavy weight Enterprise Agile Coach.

I believe Shirin has very strong agile delivery capability, the determination to ‘make it happen’ and the tenacity to succeed even when the going gets tough.”

Robert Gaunt

Director and Business Agility Strategist, EPiC Agile

“Shirin successfully laid a rock-solid foundation on the Agile and Lean product delivery culture at Quantium which transformed the way we build products for our customers. Her deep experience with Agile Lean product transformations, coupled with her amazing talent, energy and drive to improve delivery has been highly infectious across the entire business from the executives, senior leaders to cross functional teams, who all saw her as the trusted advisor in helping them to navigating through the Agile delivery journey

She is not only strong in embedding Agile and Lean practices into an existing culture but she is super good at making those practices sticky in the cross-functional teams, which supercharged the teams to deliver start delivering outstanding products faster. The training sessions she gives to the teams are best in class and there are always pleasant surprises on the content learnt, the effectiveness of the delivery and the humour in keeping the sessions interesting. I highly recommend Shirin for any businesses in thinking of moving into Agile and Lean way of deliver products to deliver more value to their customers everyday.”

Alex Chow

Senior Agile Delivery Manager, Quantium

“This is to recommend Shirin Danesh for the position of Agile Scrum Master. I recently worked with Shirin on a large multi-vendor project in Financial Services industry. It was a challenging infrastructure project and the Agile methodology was new to nearly all project team members. Shirin took an enthusiastic but practical approach as Scrum Master.

She is very knowledgeable and experienced in the methodology and has excellent communication and leadership skills. The role of Scrum Master was critical to the success of the project and I have no hesitation in recommending her for this position.”

Steve Dracup

Program Manager, HP Enterprise Services

“Shirin is a wonderful project manager. She has terrific people skills and the rare ability to get things done while preserving the harmony of a team. She also has very good attention to detail. I wish her all the best in her future career, and will happily hire her back in an instant if I ever have the opportunity.”

Rachel Dixon

Privacy & Data Security Deputy Commissioner, Victorian Information Commissioner

“Shirin comes from a development background so was able to quickly identify key risk areas on technical implementations and mitigate with her professional approach to project management. Shirin has a broad knowledge of waterfall and agile methodologies and was able to deliver projects successfully using either methodology when required.

Shirin is eager to improve process and played a key in role in transitioning a large team to Jira workflow tools including mapping department processes to Jira and user training.

Shirin managed high demand clients and competing resource requirements with professionalism and a willingness to go beyond her KPIs for the benefit of the company.

I would recommend Shirin as a valuable addition to any PMO.”

Adam Reed

COO, Boom Labs

“Shirin has a wealth and breadth of knowledge and experience working with executives, especially in the disciplines of Product transformation, Agile delivery and building cross-functional teams.

Her passion, drive and commitment to her craft always shines through in everything she takes on. She has a talent for facilitating bringing teams and people together.
Shirin has been a dedicated champion of Product transformation at Quantium across multiple Product portfolios. She has made a great contribution towards helping Quantium shift into a new Agile gear.

She brings a blend of experience in Products and Technology helping to break down silos across organisations approaching all challenges with a businesslike determination while keeping a sense of humour.”

Leon Eller

Solution Architect, Quantium

“Shirin is a very experienced, knowledgeable, skilled, and productive project manager. She has a wealth of project management techniques at her fingertips, which she uses often and well to help her teams to be efficient and achieve the best results possible.

Her demeanour is pleasant and friendly, and when the heat is on she can handle the pressure. During her time at Viocorp, she was instrumental in helping to improve processes and workflows within the teams and she delivered a multitude of on-time and on-budget projects.”

Mandy Scott

Team Lead, Sales Engineering APAC, Ooyala

“Shirin brings unmatched spirit and enthusiasm to the product team. I worked with Shirin to deliver SBS News with a brilliant team and she demonstrates outstanding commitment to the business process, experience and sound understanding of product development cycle. We worked together to a very successful launch and I would certainly work with Shirin again. One hell of a player!”

Isam Al-Jammal

Manager, Media

“Shirin joined the team with an impressive resume of previous agile portfolio management. She was tasked with the primary goal of managing the delivery of SBS’ News digital products, whilst needing to manage the transformation of the existing team members into a high performing close knit team. Within an enterprise like SBS, change doesn’t happen fast and so trying to introduce new ways of working will always be a challenge. However, Shirin jumped head first into the task, maintaining a high level of enthusiasm and passion that helped to keep driving the team along throughout the project.

After a few months into the project, the effectiveness of Shirin’s work within the team was apparent with many of the traditional sprint rituals becoming autonomous within the team. All team members were being actively encourage to participate in discussions, planning and sprint showcases – which were highly effective in keeping stakeholders within the wider company engaged with the progress of the work. Ultimately the product t was successfully launched on time and provided the team with a great base to continue to work from.”

Rob Hussey

Manager, Platform, SBS

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