If you’ve been searching for a structured method to embed Agile delivery framework within your company so you can stay up-to-date with your clients’ expectations, meet deadlines and thrive then this will be the most important tool you have ever had access to!

Please let me explain…

The Agile Maturity Assessment, an in-depth questionnaire developed to present you with a 365 degree look at the delivery capability in your company, will uncover the true reasons your company is failing to deliver products efficiently and will comprehensively give you the framework to address these issues.

This is the first step in understanding where your organisation is currently placed.

This assessment has been used to transform companies from a traditionally structured organisation, such as banks, into a more adaptable structure to be competitive with today’s technology-driven market.

The Assessment has also been successfully implemented within small to medium-sized businesses structures and start-ups.

This assessment is valued at more than $10,000 and is equivalent to five days, one-on-one consulting engagement. You might be questioning why I would be giving you this valuable tool for free? It’s because I want you to see your company for what it is right now without being interpreted by an outsider.



Once you have a true understanding of how the Agile Framework can be implemented for your company and set your own milestones, only then will it be safe to engage Agile Coaches or consultants.  With the data you have already gathered, an Agile Transformation consultant will know exactly what steps need to be implemented. Here’s just a taste of what you’ll receive…

  • No expert knowledge required as the assessment has been designed to be objective so anyone within the company can use the diagnostic tool


  • A simple grading method automatically built into the assessment allowing you to have the results instantaneously


  • Conversion of results into a radar graph. After the Assessment is completed, the outcomes are reflected in a radar graph, giving you a visual representation of your company’s current status


  • Setting the milestones so you can visualise what needs to be implemented next to achieve your targets


  • Measurable outcomes of productivity so you can turn invisible transformation efforts into visible and measurable outcomes


  • Step-By-Step instructions on how to complete the assessment so you can get realistic results from using the diagnostic tool correctly.

WHO HAVE I worked with and for?

Some of the companies that I worked in or advised include: Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Westpac Group, Project Management Partners, Quantium Group, Scentre Group (Westfield), ustwo, Pragmateam, Viostream, Special Broadcasting  Service (SBS), Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Adaptovate, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Telstra

To complete your Maturity Assessment now all you need to do is DOWNLOAD and complete with step by step instructions. The assessment is easy to complete and has been designed to take no more than two hours.

So act now, don’t miss this opportunity.

Just imagine, in two hours you can have a complete understanding of the dynamics of your company, understand where change is needed to boost productivity and a clear direction on the next steps of embedding Agile delivery framework.

Let’s take the first step NOW!


Shirin Danesh