Thank you so much for joining me at Elabor8 July’s meetup, where I shared my experience*on how to build an actual branch by embedding cutting edge technology into branch operating model and using the Scrum methodology.

Product: The Branch of the Future

Period: 6 sprints

This presentation was aiming to help:

  1. A Business Analyst in a medium to large organisation and transitioning to a Product Owner role;
  2. A Manger transitioning to a Product Owner role; or
  3. Currently a Product Owner interested in seeing the Scrum methodology applied in the delivery of infrastructure and hardware projects, as well as application layer.

Challenges and Solutions 

  • The old team structure and the new Scrum team
  • An absence of vision: a soup with all of the requirements
  • Alignment with the organisation’s strategy
  • The story of the user vs the customer
  • No time for training!

Lessons learnt (The painful memories) 



Scrum is the brain-child of Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland
Their website:
Link to PDF: Scrum Guide –

Recommended books

Software-in-30-Days-How-Agile-Managers-Beat-the-Odds,-Delight-Their-Customers-And-Leave-Competitors-In-the-Dust The-Lean-Startup-How-Constant-Innovation-Creates-Radically-Successful-Businessesagile product


3 effective books that helped me structure my educational goals appropriately, and which will hopefully accelerate your learning.


I truly enjoyed our conversation and was glad we could answer a few questions. I don’t think I put anyone into sleep 🙂


I did my best to make this presentation as short as possible. Link: Agile Beyond Software Delivery


*Disclaimer: Only high level, non-technology related concepts and methodologies of this project will be presented. The names and models of assorted technologies will not be disclosed.