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For senior managers and executives



Ready to be seen as a thought leader in your space?

This transformational 90 day program will guide you to the next level of career success.


The Executive Elevate program is for senior managers and leaders who want to grow in their careers, up-level their leadership skills and create a positive impact on their teams as well as the business.


This isn’t just another professional development program; this is about your legacy as a leader.


You are proud of yourself and what you have achieved so far. 


Now it’s time to Level it up.


Go beyond the boundaries of your immediate team and company … to be seen for EVERYTHING you can offer.


You are a skilled professional and you have been doing so much in your current role, but no matter what you’ve tried, nothing has led to landing that coveted leadership role–the one where YOU get to call the shots and drive the strategy.


You have been in your current role for over a year and you’re doing well, but you’re not confident that you will land the next promotion.


Feedback and reviews are positive, your team loves you, and you are delivering the results. The reports and dashboards speak for themselves … but you are still getting managed by others!


You’re feeling rattled because you have tried everything, including a lot of things senior managers don’t do, and you’re still being overlooked. 


Keep reading because you have landed on the solution …

Tired of being overlooked?



Your boss leaves for a two-week holiday and someone else with less experience gets the acting title. It’s so frustrating!


A new program is kicking off and you hear about it two weeks later from a colleague, leaving you feeling out of the loop as if you are invisible.


You are invited to the executive monthly meeting for a 10 minute presentation, you feel nervous and have prepared materials for two hours of talk, even though you know your subject material inside and out.


It seems that the multi-million dollar pieces of work you have delivered are lost in history; no one remembers what you have achieved.


You have always seen yourself as the leader and you have done well in your career. Even if you stop here, it’s not such a bad place… but you know there is more to achieve and you’re ready for it.


Your team is great but when you look at their passion and results you know both could be better.


To make matters worse, you have asked for the budget for the right team members, but your request is still under review.


Your reviews and feedback are all fantastic. 

It is not that you are slacking or not delivering ….


You know you really need to do something if you want your career to hit the right heights but you’re just not sure what to look for and what steps to take.


You truly believe you can combine a brilliant corporate career with a social and environmental conscience, and you want to set the benchmark for doing so.

What you have
done so far?

It’s not like you haven’t done anything about it. You are an action-taker. You are one of those who when you see something is wrong, you do something about it. 

You have been looking at MBA programs 

But the cost and the time commitment required are a lot.

It’s not that you don’t know how to do your job…

The fact is …


If you are looking for a high-profile role externally, but you don’t have a network, you’re probably thinking the following:

“When do I have time to update my resume? It’s such a chore”

“I don’t want to sit for an interview, it feels so degrading”

“I forgot how much time and effort this takes”

The truth is, even if you do find a new position after applying to a job ad, your heart’s not in it.

Because what will stop you from taking this problem with you to the new company? After a couple of wins and successes, you will find yourself passed over and overlooked for opportunities as the cycle repeats itself. 

To put it simply ...


To really get where you want to go, it’s time to level up your presence. 

No more being on the optional list of attendees or being updated on a need-to-know basis. 

Let’s get you to chair those meetings. 

You’re more than capable of being in a high-profile role. 

You are ready for the next level strategy to take you from unseen to sought after.

You are ready for the next level and I’m going to show you how to get there.



The 90-day program delivers a boost in your leadership mindset and will set you up for the next 7 years to come.

In less than three months, you will define your leadership identity, re-shape your expertise and be seen as the master of your craft without cheesy self-promoting.


Your Identity
Your Worth
Your Edge
Your Network
Your Presence

Your Unique Leadership Identity

Define your unique leadership identity and your personal value story so you stand out and become a sought-after professional. 

This is what makes you a leader people actually want to follow.


Your Distinct Expertise Edge

Get clear on your unique expertise and your edge through thought leadership. 

People will know immediately what you bring to the table and the type of problems you solve.


Your Executive Presence

You’ll revamp your executive presence so your brand does the selling for you. This makes you identifiable.


Your Network Strength

You’re only as powerful as your network. You’ll expand your connections and your influence so you go from seeker to curator.


Mastery in Negotiation and Interviews

You’ll learn how to interview like a seasoned leader. 

Turn the tables and control the flow of negotiations so you get what you deserve.

Time-travel to the future




Creator of the Executive Elevate Program and author of Amazon best-seller Level Up.


“I established Advantive Advisory focusing on Leadership development and executive search with this mission: Growing 1000 executives in leadership. 


BUT WHY: My purpose is to contribute to creating a fair future for everyone, nirvana. Our traditional management methods of work, career growth and recruitment belong to a long-gone industrial era and some to slavery. 


I am dedicating my life to research, design, teach and promote new management methods. 


I naturally work with FUTURISTIC, CARING and AMBITIOUS people. My clients want to take us to a better future, have care for people and the planet .. and want to drive their business and increase their personal financial security.


I know first-hand that it is possible to build a successful career from nothing. I arrived in Australia with no connections, no introductions, no local experience, not even knowing the language. It was only me, my resume as a software engineer and a desire to go further.

Fast-forward 14+ years and I now have experience in structuring business transformation programs, leading acceleration programs and leadership development. I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, senior managers, and executives find their unique path to success.


No more applying for jobs… I’ve been personally contacted by the CEOs of large enterprises in financial services and professional services to guide them through their business transformation.


I have been the highest-paid person on the table and have taken home more than consultants of BIG 4.


I have rarely sent a resume! I mean HR always asked for a document AFTER my contract was signed, because the “system” needed it!

And I CAN show you how to do that.

We will work together one-on-one and in a group setting as you design and grow your career. 

I’m looking forward to working with you,


This is an accelerator

The 90-day program gives you a boost in your leadership mindset and sets you up for the next 7 years to come.

The learnings I will pass on to you are the result of research on high-performing and charismatic executive progress paths, my clients’ results and my own years of experience.

In designing this program, I used all the methods and frameworks that are used in product development to get businesses to the finish line faster!

It’s all about having the right strategy and knowing how to apply it. 

In 90 days, let’s get you into your target role.

Join an action-by-action program that will move you beyond mindset to skillset


Uplevel your unique leadership identity; 

Navigate to the top of the corporate with ease, reducing the 5 to 8-year time span to half that time.


Go beyond Executive Branding and shape your own Leadership Identity – Your Unique Edge.


Step past corporate language and connect on a human level. You CAN be authentic without fear of sounding less professional.


Go from high-performing manager to high-impact leader. Experience being followed and that moment where someone says “I’d like to work with you”.


Get head-hunted – Experience being invited to take on roles because you have made yourself known to the people you want to work with.


Become the obvious choice for your next promotion and be the person your company invests in.


Join and nurture networks / inner circles/ tribe that you feel you BELONG to – beyond after-hours drinks with people you don’t know.


Fast-track positive impact on your team, and the organisation. Create a visible “BEFORE” and “AFTER”.


Become meticulous when it comes to enhancing organisational metrics and growing an amazing team. 


Be known as and Executive Presence who inspires & activates others


Create an environment where everyone is at their best, including you.


Leave a legacy – Put your name next to a positive and significant change.

Inside Executive Elevate

This is what you will master:


Your Leadership IDENTITY

  • Discover your purpose
  • Define your vision for success
  • Form your leadership point of view


YOUR Professional Expertise

  • Develop your mastery mindset
  • Define your signature method
  • Decide on your domain of expertise


Your differentiating COLLATERAL

  • Create a compelling personal brand
  • Stand out from others in the industry
  • Craft a powerful elevator pitch




  • Share intriguing online content
  • Develop one on one connections 
  • Gain real-world and online followers




  • Define your 7-year direction
  • Decide on your 12 month target goal
  • Assess the gap & identify your next best actions



  • Understand traditional vs. new age networking
  • Network without investing a huge amount of time
  • Nurture your network for life-long friendships


Interview MASTERY: turn the table

  • Understand the executive mindset
  • Demonstrate your past impact
  • Ask questions that demonstrate your knowledge and experience


NEGOTIATION mastery: get what you deserve

  • Define your priorities
  • Tailor your approach to every scenario
  • Control the timing
  • Prepare for counter offers


TRANSITIONS: Leave at peak, enter with grace

  • Learn to exit well
  • Set your successor up for success
  • Leave the campsite better than you found it
  • Master your first 30 days


I know you are asking, “My case is different. With my current circumstances, my work background, my heritage, my skillset … what you are promising is possible for some people, but not for me.”


Here is what I have to say: With this program, YOUR SUCCESS IS INEVITABLE. This is the beauty of models. They transfer the repeated success patterns of many cases to the next person. 


Secondly, this is a Modular Framework, meaning there are 20+ concepts and practices to prepare and get you to the desired outcome. You won’t need all of them. In your kick-off strategy session, I will work with you to define the roadmap and choose the areas you need to work on. Everyone needs all the topics, not in the same order though and not the same level. 


Next, this program is paired with private coaching. That is the key. I know for a fact based on my work with my clients and years of receiving coaching myself, the place where you might get stuck will be different to the other person with the same amount of knowledge, experience and desire to get their dream role.


This is exactly why I have paired the group sessions and a customised roadmap with private 1:1 coaching. Seriously, I wanted to make sure you will get to the finish line!


Finally, because I have worked with senior leadership teams for many years, I have the benefit of insider experience. A leadership team normally is from 5 to 20 members, depending on the size of the organisation. 


When I am engaged by a company for leadership executive coaching, of that group of people, only a few call me for private coaching, though I’m available to all of them. And even smaller groups call me for follow-up AFTER the programs are finalised. And believe me, those are the ones that get the next opportunities!


Your likelihood of success is high because OTHERS don’t do this work! 


I’ve learned from some of the best coaches in the industry including Amy Porterfield, Steven Kottler, Tony Robbins, Keith Ferrazzi and more! I’ve personally invested over $180k in my own development in the last 9 years. Yes, that figure is real.  


I’ve weaved all those lessons into a multi-disciplinary program that combines various concepts from leadership, business management, cognitive behavioural psychology, new age philosophy, social media marketing, personal branding sales and athlete’s peak performance training. 


Investing in a coach is surprisingly uncommon. I know how quickly you can achieve massive results when you get the right support.

Trust that every time you choose to invest in yourself and couple it with inspired action, your investment will come back to you 10x over!

Success stories
Program Delivery Over a Quarter

Just 90 days to the reputation and career you know you were made for.

Jaques Van Der Merwe
Jaques Van Der MerweIT Portfolio Manager
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“Shirin’s given a really good insight into how to transform a business through an agile model and how that applies to everyday working practices.”
Jacqui Lennon
Jacqui LennonExecutive, Retail
Read More
“Shirin has made me see that traditional management styles are based on the industrial revolution and even slavery; Shirin expertly and succinctly illustrates a new and better way to manage.”
Nathan Taggart
Nathan TaggartHead of Sales
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“Shirin is authentic, warm and structured. She really helped to effectively shape our investment in a new product proposition. It was really helpful and insightful. Put me on my way through our planning.”
Executive Elevate

Program Stucture

  • VIP:

  • – Quarterly program: 12 Weeks
  • – Six (6) group sessions – Lecture + Q&A
  • – Six (6) Private Coaching sessions
  • – Instant expert Feedback Private Text messaging
  • – LIFETIME access to training portal + future updates
  • – Printable Workbooks
  • – A Copy of Level Up Book

Join me over the next three months and we will shape and position you as a thought leader in your space. 


This program will bring to life your leadership identity, define and polish your professional expertise and move you from an unseen manager to a sought-after leader ….


You have heard of business accelerators. If you want to change the trajectory of your professional life, join this leadership accelerator.

Why is this program different?

During my private coaching and training, I’ve spoken to hundreds of executives about the earlier stages of their careers and there are a number of common stories. Let’s take the trial and error out of your leadership journey and fast-track you to the role you want.

Other programs​ Vs.

Executive Elevate​

Other courses are delivered in a 2-3 day intensive style.
This is not a one-way course where information and content get poured into you in 2-3 days and you absorb as much as you can in that short period.
Normal courses are one way! With some Q&A on the concept
This is a two-way conversation around the work you have actually done. You will receive feedback and personalised guidance.
You are given assignments and encouraged to make changes... but no one really checks up on you.
In our bi-weekly calls, I go through your work and actions step by step.
These courses normally have a set curriculum and everyone follows the same sequence.
I hold you accountable and move you forward when you get potentially stuck and celebrate with you your step-wins. No faffing around!
You get bonus courses and study materials, but let's face it - you barely have time to show up to the live calls, let alone watch all of the extras.
This program is designed to be modular so in your strategy session you decide on the sequence and the topics.
You get lost in a group and are given a “one-size-fits-all” approach to leadership. None of these statements apply to Executive Elevate.
This unique program is a hybrid of 1:1 + group coaching so you can receive personalised strategies that work for YOU.

How much effort do I need to put in?

The program is designed for time-critical executives. You know your WHY. You can feel your dream in your body. I don’t need to sell you your dreams. You know HOW to get shit done. You are a high achiever, you are an action-taker, you are a “MAKE-IT-HAPPEN” type of person.


  • Executive Elevate sessions are short and to the point. You do not need lectures and endless waffle.
  • The work you need to do offline is time-boxed and very well-defined. 
  • There are checklists, cheat sheets, templates, and hacks – all to save you time and reduce the effort
  • You need to put in the time to do soul-searching and thinking
  • You need to take real action and follow up on your promises


Here is a confession: maybe it is not for a sales page, but this program is designed by a woman who is “I want it all”, ambitious and is not shy to say it. 

If there has been a method to reduce the effort to get to your chosen end point faster and easier, I’ve brought it to you here!

Why trust me to guide you?

  • I have never sent a resume in the last 10 years of my life 
  • I have been an advisor to more than 400 CXOs and trained CEOs of large companies on new methods of management. Now these people are forming my friendship network. 
  • I have worked in 50,000-employee enterprises and 14-people startups – I know the different dynamics and realities of both  
  • I have coached more than 1000 employees in various industries
  • I have worked and lived in +15 countries and I have experienced various cultures 
  • I have a Bachelor of Software and Electronic Engineering and an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) – I have always operated in the intersection of business and technology. I am well-versed in both languages!
  • I have made my way up from a simple software engineer, all the way to an advisor to CXOs. Now I am the CEO of my own company. I have experienced challenges at all levels.
  • I have a mission: To contribute to the creation of a bright future by developing futuristic, caring and driven leaders. Leaders that care about people and the planet. I care about what I do and whom I help.


Total Value for this Program is 6000 USD


3000 USD

This is all. A normal MBA course is somewhere from 4-10k + extra costs. 

This is all the cost, no hidden fee.


6000 USD

With a payment plan: 2000/ month

And I’m not even charging extra for breaking the payment into 3 parts.

Because I want to remove even one extra barrier for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is for senior managers and leaders that feel the fire within! 


Unlike traditional marketing demographics of age 35-55, male or female, location of X, our demographic is based on values and traits!

If you are a future-focused, benevolent, ambitious, action-taker, decision-maker and high performer, this program is for you.

Any marketing executive will tell me to create some sort of urgency to encourage you to buy. 

I don’t have to do that. The only urgency that you have is your own timeline of life! Your speed is where you are meant to be tomorrow and three months from now. Urgency is on your side, not mine.

  • Your one-on-one private calls
  • Your group calls 
  • Your personal growth work time (no longer homework) 
  • Every group session
  • 1:1 Strategy sessions
  • And your private sessions

Yes, you will have lifetime access to the program. 


If you are part of our annual Momentum program, you will have access to updated programs and bonuses offered to the new joiners.

The course and private sessions are final – We have a set number of clients per cohort. However if for some extreme personal circumstances, we work with you and move you to next cohort. Scheduled medical appointments or getting promotion are not “extreme” Just saying 🙂

A BIG yes. Our core value is growth and not just our growth. Contributing to others’ growth is a pillar of leadership. Besides I run a business here so we reward your kind words!

If you have a healthy-sized phone book, after going through this program, I invite you to join the partnership program.

Of course. We can provide you with a letter sharing information. However, you can’t be at the mercy of them to make a decision for your professional life.

Imagine ...

experience excitement

A message pops up on your phone saying, “Hey, the CEO of major brand is looking for someone like you. I think you should talk to them, do you have time for a coffee if I set something up?”


I want you to feel the joy of those couple of days when you have two OFFERs in your mailbox and you can’t decide what to go ahead with.


I want you to feel the gratitude in your heart when your texts say things like:


I’ve been watching and I love what you have done … let’s keep in touch”


I want you to feel the pleasant surprise when you realise someone who is seemingly aloof recommends you to their boss’s boss when you are not in the room. 


I want you to feel reassured when your company is right-sizing and all the other peer’s positions have been made redundant, but you have been promoted!


Take this program to feel the power when you tell the business how many people you need on your team instead of asking.


I want you to feel the warmth in your heart when the new intern who has been working with 5 other senior leaders in business says to you in the corridor while walking to the next meeting,  “The best part of my day is when I work with you”


I want you to feel the excitement to go to a VENDOR’s party without the dread of “being sold shit that we don’t need” and simply enjoy that event.


I want you to feel that calm in your body when no contractors have been renewed except for yours … that feeling is priceless.

It is time!

Step forward as the leader of your life and 

shape the career you know you are ready for.