Shirin Danesh
Are you an alpha leading in front of your pack?
If you’re looking to create a sales team that has the freedom to go out in the wild yet still operate within a structure (so that your guys hit their targets) servant leadership might be a great approach for you.
This doesn’t mean you’re a softy, you still have to hold your team accountable and definitely doesn’t mean you are taking on more work-load.
Here is my tip to be that leader in front and REMAIN in front.
Set a difficult target for yourself and share it with the team. Something that is a stretched goal for you. Not an easy job that you do with your eyes closed.
Demonstrate to them how you emotionally, mentally and professionally prepare for achieving your goal.
Remember, your team didn’t meet you when you were building your career, when you were wrestling with challenges. They haven’t seen your personal or professional struggles. They only have seen you when you are successful, on top, their boss.
When the team gets a view of your journey they can picture themselves in that journey too → you’re an example of them for what it takes to succeed.
Here are a couple of examples to show the team how you overcome a challenge..
1- Go for a certificate that takes more than 3 months and has an exam.
2- Go for a hardcore physical challenge – 45 days, 2 worksouts per day, one indoor, one outdoor, one journal every night, 2 galons of water per day
3- In sprint planning, commit to an annoying or tough task that you must deliver this sprint and then deliver it.

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What other ideas do you have that makes you a leader in front of the pack? Let me know in the comments!