Agile Transformation KICKSTARTER COURSE for Executives


Agile Transformation KICKSTARTER COURSE for Executives


The cornerstones to all successful Agile Transformations are hands-on leadership, a well defined roadmap, transparency and measurable outcomes for each milestone.

If you get these elements correct then you have a strong foundation in place to embed the Agile Framework.

But where do you start?

If you’ve taken the time to download the FREE Agile Maturity Assessment then you’re on your way to transforming your company.

What’s next?

After you’ve collected the data showing your exact position across all 16 aspects of change and mapped out exactly which areas you are going to concentrate on – what is going to be your next logical step?

Do you focus on tearing down your office walls to show transparency? Do you send all your staff on an Agile Training Course and cross your fingers they come back inspired by your vision?

What you need to do is articulate the reason behind your desire to transform, forecast how your productivity will increase by presenting the data gathered in the Agile Maturity Assessment and prioritise key actions for change.

And I show you exactly how to do that in my Agile Transformation Kickstarter Course.

At this stage in the transformation journey most companies would have decided to bring in an Agile Consultant costing something between $30,000 – $60,000 to do what you can implement yourself.

By doing the Agile Transformation Kickstarter Course you will:

Understand what your 16 aspects of change scores mean and how working on them supports your transformation goals

Present the current status of the organisation using simplified and easy to comprehend graphs

Define the first milestone for a successful start of Agile Transformation that includes clear objectives and measurable success criteria

Learn how to prioritise the key activities of your Agile Transformation and be confident in what needs to be done first

Articulate your vision so you can unite your staff in the Agile Transformation journey

All you need is a launching pad, and in this course:

Together, the Agile Maturity Assessment and this Agile Transformation Kickstarter Course are the exact methods large management consulting firms AND the “Big Fours” are using to assess the current maturity of their clients. Now as an Executive you can do the same for your company.

For a small investment in Agile Transformation Kickstarter Course can be yours. And what’s even better you can start your Agile Transformation journey right now. Within a few minutes you’ll be able to understand the 16 aspects of change. The Agile Transformation Kickstarter Course is broken up into short, mini training session videos you can access right away.

Complete this quick and concise training to define your first milestone and measurable success criteria.

In 30 days, if you find the assessment, the course and presentation template are not of value to you, simply contact me for a complete refund of your investment.

Don’t forget you’ll have exclusive access to the closed members Facebook Group so you can test ideas, ask questions and receive feedback.

So act now.

Click below to purchase the Agile Transformation Kickstarter Course and start your journey to change.


  • All courses out there are talking about WHAT good looks like, but they are not teaching HOW to, step by step, implement it.
  • How do I know this? Because I used to work for Agile and Product training companies.
  • Because Agile is coming from Software Land, most content is geared toward technology. But in your position, it’s less about the tech and more about the business – that’s why this course is different.

Have you ever asked yourself: “I don’t get why they don’t get it?” It’s so obvious to you, right?

Look, I’m sure you gave an overall explanation of what needs to be done. You have been on top of your game for a while now, you’re good at what you’re doing. Maybe it’s just that this is a new thing.

I know how it feels when you are determined to do something; you know why everyone in your company needs to work a new and different way. I mean, it’s surprising how people, even today, are asking for heavy documentation and scope and things that don’t add value. You ask yourself: “Really? Do I need to tell you why we need to go Agile?”

And here is where a true leader articulates their vision to help the team see the future, so they can come onboard AND present them with a clear plan so they can contribute to the change. You need both.

reveal strengths and weaknesses in your current approach - download the FREE assessment. This works best if you have already started an Agile Transformation.

Download and complete the self assessment