What if I could show you how to replicate your best sales people across your entire team in three steps?


We all have those one or two outstanding team members that seem to easily breeze through our sales processes and just nail those sales well.


But no one wants to be compared to other people. So how do you transfer those skills across your whole team without upsetting the dynamic?


Change your team’s DNA one tiny change at a time!


As weird as it sounds, you can replicate the best in the rest. It is not something that can happen overnight but over time, as a leader, you can build your team. These 3 steps are one of the building blocks for re-architecting your teams’ culture. This is how we improve the DNA of your team.


So, here’s what to do..


Step 1: Speak to your high performer first


You want to start with identifying what it is that makes your high-performers work so well. You’ll find they do things differently to the rest of your team. So let’s figure out what that is.

Determine what they do differently and how they do it. You need to tease it out and quantify it so you have something tangible to apply to the rest of your team. Convert this conversation into action steps that you can take into Step 2.


Step 2: Apply the change 


Meet with your team and talk about your findings. What’s important, here, is make sure you’re not ‘calling anyone out’ because you will put the team off. This process isn’t about comparing people and if you go down that pathway you’ll quickly demotivate the whole team so make it about positive actions that move your whole team forward. If you have weekly meetings or sprint planning, share the ideas during that session and ensure you time box.


Step 3: Time-box the change!


Time-boxing means to set a time limit on when you are putting these changes in place. My recommendation is to consider three weeks, or three sprints only. This time-frame allows your team a gentler adjustment to the new processes and won’t overwhelm them with drastic permanent change. Most people don’t like change (and most people don’t know that about themselves) so I recommend catering to that kind of resistance. You will find that over time when lots of tiny changes start to become the norm, your team will adjust positively to this.


Watch the video for some more insight and examples of this process from yours truly.


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